Versatile Warms Up The Bus Queue

Happy April Fool’s Day !

As the weather continues to be unseasonably cold, Versatile has today announced it will equip every bus shelter in Ireland with a Jaga Maxi LST radiator – an energy efficient solution to keeping the nation’s commuters warm.

Aims to provide warmth and comfort to those waiting for their bus – through its Maxi LST radiator. “Jaga is committed to carbon emission reduction, so it is only logical that we, would want to promote the use of public transport the length and breadth of the country,” said Andrew Treacy, Managing Director at Versatile. “With the delayed onset of spring, this groundbreaking project ensures the nation’s bus passengers enjoy the warmth of being inside, while waiting for their transportation outside.”

The Maxi LST radiator is the ideal heating system for the project due to its robust, Low Surface Temperature (LST) casing – providing powerful heating, yet ultimate safety in situation where children and the elderly are likely to be present. The Maxi itself is extremely durable, with solid galvanized metal casing, and dirt-repellent lacquer ensuring it withstands all weather conditions whilst requiring little maintenance

“We take pride in supplying the Irish population with energy-efficient heating systems to warm people inside – now we look forward to providing them outside comfort too.” said Treacy.