Creative Hub Louth

nZEB Radiator

This building on the edge of the Dundalk Institute of Technology Campus has been developed to provide work place and educational facilities for crafts people, innovators and high growth start-up businesses. The building is designed to allow the users to feel part of a learning community.

The Hub includes space for community arts courses, peace and reconciliation workshops and cross-community projects. The total cost of the project, overseen by Louth Craft mark and the Louth County Development Board, is estimated at €1.5 million.

The Hub has attracted over €500,000 in funding from Enterprise Ireland and Dundalk Town Council is providing land for the proposed centre.

The new facility has been designed by local architects Jan Van Dijk and will comprise 36 workshop spaces as well as dedicated creative training facilities.

Heating Solution

Jaga products were specified by Semple & Mc Killop Consulting firm that specialises in low-carbon, sustainable buildings, and were installed by Thomas Hanna & Co. Limited, who have worked on numerous other Jaga projects.

Versatile Heating, Cooling & Ventilation supplied Jaga Strada DBE (Dynamic Boost Effect) radiators throughout the building, The Strada” DBE” are a slim-line classic radiator, available in a range of colours. The DBE technology gives a powerful injection of heat into the room, providing extra warmth from a simple and discreet heater.

The surface temperature of the casing always remains safe, and all valves and connections are concealed within the casing – keeping this radiator looking neat and streamline. Strada DBE is also available with the super powered Twin heat exchangers, and is perfect for use with low temperature heating systems. Behind their casings, the Low-H2O technology inside provides high emission values, while still saving energy.

The Benefits

  • Jaga Strada DBE radiators work efficiently even with low flow temperature heating systems

  • The radiators feature Dynamic Boost Effect (DBE) technology for even greater power and efficiency

  • Low-H2O technology cuts carbon emissions by 10%

  • Low-H2O technology provides a low mass, low water content solution that achieves superior heating performance over standard radiators

  • The powerful Low-H2O element combined with the intelligent DBE control offers powerful, regulated heating with a reaction time that is 9 times faster than a standard radiator.

  • More precise control reduces overheating, and Low-H2O has been proven to reduce energy consumption by 10% compared with standard steel panel radiators.


Project Team

Architects: Van Dijk Architects.

Consultants: Semple & Mc Killop

Main Contractor: Mc Cann Brothers

Mechanical Contractor: Thomas Hanna & Co. Limited.

Aercap House
Built-In DBE