Goethe Institut Dublin

Runtal Rad, nZEB Radiator, Mini Freestanding & Canal Compact

The Goethe Institut’s Irish Headquaters has won the prestigious Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland (RIAI) awards 2019 under the category ‘Adaptation and Reuse’. The redevelopment included restoring the 1790 Georgian townhouse to its former glory and the development of a new garden and modern five-storey mews building.  The institute promotes German culture and language in Ireland. 

Heating Solution

It was an honour to work on this culturally significant building in Dublin, supplying a robust heating solution throughout.

The specially selected heating solution chosen included;

The Jaga Built-In DBE

Low-H2O technology can reduce energy bills by up to 15%. These models are powerful yet invisible. Hidden in a wall recess, the technology provides fast and effective heat, using Low-H2O heat exchangers. The models are easy to install with hassle free maintenance. 

nZEB Radiator 

The attractive nZEB radiator is a contemporary looking radiator that not only looks better than traditional steel panel radiators but also has superior performance due to Jaga’s Low H20 technology inside. Its elegant slim design offers a cool-touch front panel. 

Jaga Canal Compact

Equipped with Jaga’s technology, the Canal Compact and Canal Plus deliver powerful trench heating options. The Canal is simple to install and easy to maintain. 

Jaga Mini Canal

The Mini Canal features Jaga’s low-mass Low-H20 heat exchanger, guaranteeing fast response, outstanding thermal efficiency, and an even, comfortable distribution of warm air.


Jaga Mini Freestanding

This radiator is strikingly discrete, ideal for spaces with large windows and glazed façades. It ensures no wasteful heat loss and low energy consumption with maximum heat emission. 

The Runtal Rad 

Available in vertical or horizontal versions and in a wide range that includes double panels or combinations of panel and convector fins, the Runtal Rad provides the total solution for any environment.

Project Team 

  • Main contractor: Stewart Construction 

  • Mechanical Contractor: Designer Group 

    Photo credit: Stewart Construction 

Aercap House
Built-In DBE