Heuston Station Dublin

ZBN Radiant Ceiling Panels

Heuston Station also known as Dublin Heuston, is one of Ireland’s main railway stations, linking the capital with the south, southwest and west. It is operated by Iarnród Éireann, the national railway operator. 

Heating Solution

We were pleased to supply this project with our ZBN Radiant Ceiling Panels for the stations valeting depo.  The specially selected heating solution was chosen to provide an efficient, economical and energy saving heating solution with savings of over 40% compared to other systems.  

Some of the main benefits achieved with ZBN Radiant Panels are; 

  • Energy savings of over 40%

  • No additional electricity costs for driving energy

  • No maintenance or servicing costs

  • Uniform, comfortable heat distribution throughout the room

  • No dust dispersal

  • A system that runs absolutely silently

  • Extremely quick system responses to temperature changes 


ZBN radiant ceiling panels are extremely flexible: in addition to the wide standard range, there are also a number of special solutions available.

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Built-In DBE