National Rehabilitation Hospital

ZBN & Carboline Radiant Ceiling Panels

The recently completed 120 bed National Rehabilitation Hospital provides complex specialist rehabilitation services at a national, regional and community service at both inpatient and outpatient level for patients who have acquired a physical or cognitive disability as a result of an accident, illness or injury and require complex specialist medical rehabilitation services.

Heating Solution

We were delighted to supply the Sports Hall completed in phase 1 of the project with our energy efficient ZBN Radiant Panels.

ZBN radiant ceiling panels were selected due to their heavy-duty nature and flexibility.

Some of ZBN’s benefits include:

  • In addition to the wide standard range, there are also a number of special solutions available.

  • Large tubes. ZBN’s allow long runs with the piping which is perfect for large spaces, factories, and sports halls.

  • Energy savings of over 40%

  • No maintenance or servicing costs

  • No dust dispersal

The hospital was supplied with our range of Carboline Radiant Ceiling Panels due to their anti-microbial finish and its patented deflection profiles to allow for expansion and contraction.

Carboline’s benefits include:

  • Anti-bacterial paint finish, perfectly suited to healthcare environments

  • Layers of Graphite aka Carbon which is best conductor available and ensures the output does not decrease

  • Patented deflection profiles are installed into ceiling so the panels loosen laterally and not off the ceiling grid

  • Energy-efficient only using 11mm tube instead of 15mm means less water is required to heat

Project Team

  • Jones Engineering 

  • Ethos 

  • John Paul Constuction

  • O'Connell Mahon Architects

Photo credit: O'Connell Mahon Architects

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