University Hospital Limerick

Maxi Klinik LST

In response to Covid-19, HSE Estates engaged contractors to complete a number of projects at University Hospital Limerick inluding the rapid build of a 24-bed ensuite block and a 14-bed block. 

Heating Solution

Versatile supplied a number of Low Water Content Maxi Klinik's to the block being developed by Western Building Systems. 

The Maxi Klinik low water content radiator offers a tough, low temperature casing and exceptional performance. It provides an ideal heating solution for healthcare, with its solid smooth casing finish and anti-bacterial coating.

Some of the main beniftsof the Maxi Klinik are;

  • Anti bacterial coating

  • Solid smooth casing finish

  • Robust casing with 1.5mm thick internally reinforced strong front panel

  • Rounded corners

  • Casing locks

  • 30 year guaranteed low water content heat exchanger for energy saving

  • DBE (Dynamic Boost Effect) option in conjunction with Heat Pumps

  • Decentralised MEV option for ventilation

  • Grill options available

  • Brass collector to reduce pressure drop and avoid possible bio metallic reaction

  • Dust repellent paint finish on the heat exchanger to reduce accumulation of dust

  • EN442 Compliant

  • CE Compliant

Project Team

  • Dominic O'Connor Limited

  • Western Building Systems

  • Shane Smyth Decorators 

Photo credit: Shane Smyth Decorators 

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