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Clima Canal


Fulfilling all climate control requirements, the Jaga Clima Canal small trench heater supplies powerful yet inaudible heating, cooling and ventilation all from the same unit.


The heater is extremely easy to install, either into a floor or built into a wall, with solid construction and flexible connectors. The telescopic height adjustment technology means there will always be a seamless alignment between grille and surface.

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Canal Compact​ / Canal Plus


Equipped with innovative  technology, the Canal Compact and Canal Plus deliver powerful trench heating options.

The compact waterproof polyester duct and fully pre-mounted grille, the Canal is simple to install and easy to maintain. The Canal Compact and Canal Plus come with both rigid and roll-up grilles that range in size and finish to match any interior

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Micro Canal

When floor space is limited, the Micro Canal super-shallow trench heating still provides a powerful heat output. With its advanced height adjustment, from 6-8cm, the depth can be altered to align with all flooring types. The efficient heat exchanger saves energy costs while remaining ultra-responsive to temperature changes.

Low voltage DC-controlled technology improves airflow and provides a powerful output. This gives the Clima Canal full compatibility with low flow temperature systems, such as heat pumps.

Mini Canal DBE.jpg

Mini Canal DBE


Perfect for providing heat alongside glazed facades ,the Mini Canal DBE is discreet and convenient – especially as it is delivered fully-assembled and ready to fit. The heater is extremely versatile, with its varying depth, size and multiple grille material options.

The Mini Canal uses Low-H2O technology, saving energy costs while remaining highly responsive to temperature changes. Ideal for use with heat pumps and low flow temperatures.

Mini Canal DBE.jpg

Quatro Canal


Super-powered climate control for 4-pipe systems. 

Despite its compact dimensions, the Quatro Canal is a powerful main heating system, cooling unit and ventilation system, all in one. Quatro Canal provides the highest possible climate comfort quietly powerfully, and unobtrusively.

Compact and Silent

The high-tech dynamic 4-pipe heat exchanger and the thermal activator provide an effortless transition from heating to cooling or vice versa. They have been designed to deliver a very high heat output and are perfect to provide effective cooling with dry as well as wet cooling systems.


Using the latest EC motors enables Quatro Canals to consume up to 50% less electrical energy than traditional motors, and enables remote control using the latest home automation and building management systems