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Free Standing Radiators

Free standing radiators solutions from Jaga and Zehnder. Free standing radiators are an ideal solution in an area where wall mounting is not an option and for display beneath large windows, combining minimum and limited space with the maximum heat advantage.

Our free standing radiators are also power, heating devices effectively combating the downward cold airflow commonly found next to glazed facades. A short response time means rooms can be heated up rapidly with high thermal output ideal for large rooms.

Options are available with welded feet and a range of adjustable floor brackets. These radiators are available in almost any colour and finish with low level design from 80mm to 300mm high and available in a large range of lengths and sizes.

Low surface temperature freestanding radiators are available with the casing always remaining safe to touch. These are designed to react to temperature change quickly and efficiently with energy saving of up to 16%, this option can also be used in conjunction with heat pumps.

Flow form.jpg

Flow Form Radiator


No longer hidden behind grilles, the industrial heating element appears as a beautiful object in its own right.


Flow forms spiral fin, designed for technical efficiency adds a dramatic twist to modern living. Designed for use with full height glazing, the Bisque Flow Form Radiator also looks amazing in industrial interiors.




The long, sleek Bisque Convector Radiator provides the ideal heating solution for full height windows.

It’s compact and discreet so won’t distract from either the outside or inside view, whilst ensuring there are no issues with condensation. The Convector Radiator can be wall or floor mounted to suit your requirements.


Mini Free Standing DBE

Compact yet powerful, The Mini Freestanding DBE radiator is ideal for small spaces and alongside glazed areas.

Not requiring wall space, this heater will combat draughts from large windows, and the DBE (dynamic boost effect) technology will provide the heat in less time and with reduced energy consumption than standard radiators. With the scratch resistant casing it is also perfect for application in high-use areas.


Mini Free Standing


Mini freestanding radiator is strikingly discrete with a range of features and benefits, including:

  • Discrete appearance with heights from 8cm

  • Ideal for spaces with large windows, glazed façades, for window displays, conservatories and under window seats and for dwarf walls

  • Equipped as standard with pipe work guard

  • No wasteful heat loss from radiation through glazing

  • Stable one-piece casing

  • Low-H2O technology with super conductive and ultra fast heat exchanger for low energy consumption and maximum heat emission

  • Twin Power for better compensation of the downward cold air flow next to glazed façades or ventilation grilles

  • Safe surface temperature

  • A 30 year guarantee on the heat exchanger



Unobtrusive, and offering exceptionally high outputs, the Zehnder Radiavector can be mounted in series on either the wall or the floor.


  • Neat, unobtrusive low profile radiator

  • Exceptionally high heat output

  • Safety enhanced, robust construction

  • Angled for special applications

  • Suitable for trench heating

  • Ideal for installation in a series

  • Durable powder coat finish (Standard RAL9016 white)

  • Wide range of colours including metallic finishes

  • Wall or floor mounted options

  • Bespoke connection positions, vertical or horizontal entry

  • Tested to current EN442 requirements



The horizontally lined front panel of Tempo freestanding LST radiator is simple and classic, and, as an LST (Low Surface Temperature) radiator, it is always safe to touch. Tempo’s Low-H2O heating element is able to react to temperature changes quickly and efficiently, meaning that only the nominal amount of energy is used to heat any space.

Features & Benefits:

  • Rounded corners

  • Easy handling and storage

  • 30 year guaranteed low water content heat exchanger for energy saving

  • Brass collector to reduce pressure drop and avoid possible bio metallic reaction

  • Dust repellent paint finish on the heat exchanger to reduce accumulation of dust

  • Grill options available

  • Fixed & adjustable length feet available


Recommended Application:

  • Care & Nursing Homes

  • Sheltered Housing

  • Educational establishments



Built to the highest quality, Zehnder Multicolumn radiator (now also known as Charleston) is available in angled and curved designs to successfully meet the requirements of the most complex installation. Available in a large range of sizes and colours, for wall-mounted or floor-mounted applications. Freestanding Multicolumn radiators are also available!


  • Classic, elegant profile

  • Fast heat up with substantial emissions

  • Bespoke connection positions, vertical or horizontal entry

  • Extremely robust and easy to clean

  • Durable finish (RAL9016) white finish as standard

  • 3 model types – standard, completto and klinik

  • 5 widths and 2 to 6 columns deep

  • Tested to current EN442 requirements

  • Wide range of colours including metallic finishes

  • Curved and angled to suit site design

  • Floor and wall mounted

  • Galvanised version




The Zehnder Excelsior radiator is suitable for installation on all hot water central heating systems. Available in a large range of bespoke sizes and colours. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Slim flattened tubes welded,single/double parallel formation

  • Low water content with fast, efficient, heat up

  • Standard heights up to 2.5m

  • Element spacing at 30, 40, 50, 60mm

  • Wall or floor mounted options

  • Curved or angled to suit special applications

  • Bespoke connection positions, vertical or horizontal entry

  • Suitable for one or two pipe systems

  • Durable powder coat finish (Standard RAL9016 white)

  • Wide range of colours including metallic finishes

  • Tested to current EN442 requirements


Freestanding Zehnder Excelsior radiators available.