Comfortable, Sustainable Solutions for Residential Buildings

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Just heating residential buildings is not enough these days. You want a comprehensive, energy-efficient indoor climate solution.

As a provider of heating, cooling & ventilation solutions that are comfortable and healthy and combine both economic viability and energy efficiency, Versatile operates in a sector that is essential for sustainable development.

All products & solutions for residential buildings

Solutions for heating living rooms and bathrooms

  • The short response time ensures rooms become warm quickly

  • Radiators can be placed and operated wherever you want, either individually or in groups

  • Large range of models, shapes and colours

  • Special models can also be used as heated towel rails, mirror and bench radiators, special solutions tailored to requirements

  • Simple and easy to clean

  • Suitable for modern low temperature heating systems and heat pumps

Solutions for comfortable indoor ventilation

  • Optimal supply of oxygen, draught-free indoor air, no mildew, fine filters for allergy sufferers

  • Constant air exchange prevents moisture and mildew formation and damage to the building structure

  • Optional pre-tempered air in winter and summer

  • Award-winning designer grilles to suit every kind of interior design

  • Complete solutions for all areas of application, customised to the building and suited to all budgets

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