The nZEB Radiator

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Versatile Group’s range of low flow temperature radiators are low-mass, low-water content products, using only a tenth of the water required by standard steel panel radiators and weigh less, while providing up to 15% energy savings due to their low water content. This means faster response, better comfort and lower fuel bills.  nZEB compliant Low-H2O radiators are more efficient at all water temperatures, making them ideal for renewable systems such as heat pumps and condensing boilers, allowing for a smaller – more aesthetically pleasing – radiator.


Introducing this low water content product range with DBE technology provides an nZEB compliant heating solution compatible with heat pumps and solar and geo thermal energy – which generally require much larger radiators as they operate with very low water temperatures that often don’t exceed 35°C. This eliminates the need for polluting traditional sources.

Low-H2O radiators are designed with eco-design components including fast conducting, ultra-modern aluminium and copper heat exchangers. The heat exchangers are built to last and come with a 30-year guarantee and are fully recyclable at the end of their life cycle. The Low-H2O technology is the result of more than 40 years research into heating technology by Jaga’s R&D team and partner universities. This resulted in the most efficient and modern fin tube element that complies with present and future building codes and energy efficient technologies producing lower CO2 emissions and consuming less energy. This means less pollution and significant steps for building designers and constructors in meeting carbon reduction targets.


This range of low water content radiators with DBE technology provide a range of outcomes including:

  • Helps achieve nZEB standards

  • if you install a heat pump in a renovation project, you can maximise efficiency with the use of a Low-H2O DBE solution, which enables a smaller radiator at a lower water temperature

  • Up to 3 times the heating output: Dynamic Boost Effect (DBE) technology is an option specially developed to boost the power of Low-H2O radiators by 2 to 3 times

  • Fully recyclable, with an efficient use of durable materials (copper & aluminium) that are built to last – with a 30-year guaranteeWeighs less & uses less materials than a steel panel radiator

  • Highest Efficiency Ratings: contains 90% less water and uses up to 16% less energy than other radiators 

  • Irish Construction Product of the Year Winner – Irish Construction Industry Awards 2019 

  • Excellence in Sustainability Finalist – Fit Out Awards 2019 

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