The ventilation device Zehnder ComfoAir 350 moves at an external pressure of 100 Pa and a maximum of 350 m³/h. The smallest adjustable air flow is 50 m³/h. The large adjustment range facilitates application of the device in flats, single-family houses, meeting rooms, classrooms and commercial buildings.


Key Features:

  • Comfort ventilation for dutys up to 370 m³/h
  • Heat recovery with an efficiency of more than 90%
  • Low power consumption thanks to DC motors
  • Automatic 100% summer bypass
  • Frost protection function: efficient even at low temperatures
  • Quick, safe installation and servicing
  • Integrated preheater and humidity control (optional)
  • Wireless remote control and filter replacement indicator
  • Geothermal heat exchanger control
  • Low minimum air volume, specially designed for single family houses
  • Digital Ease or Luxe control unit
  • Passivhaus Institut accredited




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Zehnder ComfoAir 350 Heat Recovery Unit