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Radiant Panels

Electric radiant heating panels work in exactly the same way as our LTHW radiant heating panels, emitting gentle long wave infrared heat directly to the objects and people around them.

Electric radiant panels start to heat up instantly, and reach their
designed temperature within minutes thanks to the heating elements attached directly to the radiant panel.

Versatile Electric Radiant


of electric

radiant panels 

 1. Easier and cheaper to install. Our panels use a single phase 240V electrical supply, which is usually readily available.

2.  Easy to control: Controlling electric radiant heating panels can be as simple as an on/off switch.

3.  Fast response times: Electric radiant panels start to heat up instantly, and reach their designed temperature within minutes

4. Energy efficient: Electric radiant panels are silent and don't glow, therefore all of the electrical energy put into them is emitted as heat.

5. Outputs: Electric radiant panels offer customisable output levels to ensure occupant comfort and to satisfy radiant a-symmetry requirements.

5.  Can be combined with LTHW: Can offer combined LTHW and electric
heating capability. This could be useful where air or ground source heat pumps are the LTHW heat source.