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In recent years, schools of all sizes across Europe and America have
made significant efforts to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) to enhance
not only students’ health but their achievement levels too. 


So, it’s time for Ireland to catch up with the wider international trend and to switch on to the multiple benefits of smarter ventilation in schools.

Oxygen in schools
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A schools solution that’s simply
smarter for everyone

OXYGEN is an intelligent and fully controllable heating and ventilation solution
that optimises indoor air quality (IAQ) in an energy-efficient way for an optimal
learning environment. It works by combining unique displacement ventilation
with an integrated heating system and complete controllability – all of which
makes it simply smarter than other options – available on three levels

1. Optimal ventilation
Unique displacement ventilation ensures optimal indoor air quality

2. Integrated heating (and night time cooling)
In-built heating & free cooling solution ensures optimal temperature

3. Complete controllability
Smart system ensures optimal performance and energy efficiency

Oxygen in schools

Six good reasons
to opt for OXYGEN

1. Improves indoor air quality to create an optimal learning environment every time;

2. Delivers clean, healthy, fresh air on demand in a highly

energy efficient way;

3. Is an intelligent, integrated solution that meets all your

heating and ventilation needs

4. Is completely controllable and fully scalable to meet

any changing and future needs;

5. Can help to reduce the carbon footprint of the



6. Offers significant energy and cost savings for years to come.​

Smarter Classroom Ventilation

Four key components work in unison to provide an enhanced learning environment that is conducive to higher levels of achievement.

OXYGEN Refresh Units
Silently suck in outside air, filter it and supply it into the classroom.


CO2 Sensors
Constantly monitor IAQ by measuring ambient CO2 levels in each room.


Continually regulates the balanced intake and exhaust of air in each
individual classroom.


Smart Switch
Gives teachers the ability to briefl y boost the fl ow of fresh air if they
feel it is required.

Oxygen works seamlessly with a range of energy-efficient radiators

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