Google Headquarters Dublin

A generation ago, Dublin’s docklands section was known for its urban decay. Today, it’s Ireland’s home base for technology, teeming with start-ups as well as the European Headquarters for some of the worlds largest Tech companies.

Hence Google Decided to base their European HQ within Irelands technological Hub District in Dublin’s Docklands and avail of some of the most creative and diverse selection of individuals to inspire and further develop the inspirational ideals of Google.

The Challenge

Jaga products were specified for the Google Project due to the fact that much of the building features floor to ceiling glazing, engineers required a space heating option that would provide high heat output but with an aesthetic to suit the architects’ overall vision for a modern building, the architects involved in the project decided to use Jaga’s discreet Canal trench heaters due to their advanced energy saving, H2O technology and responsiveness to environmental conditions.

The Solution

Recessed flush to the floor, the Mini Canal is a powerful trench heating solution that is ideal for eliminating the problems associated with large glazed facades such as cold downward airflow, condensation and hot and cold spots. With a minimum recess depth of just 9cm, this unobtrusive heat delivery option is perfectly suited for use in buildings with multiple storeys or floating floors.

Part of Jaga’s Energy Savers range, the Mini Canal benefits from the company’s innovative Low-H2O technology. Based on the concepts of low mass, low water the Low-H2O heat exchanger, which lies hidden behind the grille, has a reduced thermal mass allowing for a higher response rate and precise climatic control. This sustainable heating technology has been proven to reduce energy consumption, contributing to lower CO2 levels and cheaper fuel bills.

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