Thermo King Galway

Thermo King Galway

  • Mechanical Contractor: Tim Kelly Group

Thermo King is a manufacturer of transport temperature control systems for trucks, trailers, shipboard containers and railway cars as well as HVAC systems for bus, shuttle and passenger rail applications. Thermo King also manufactures the highly successful “TriPac” hybrid auxiliary idle reduction and temperature management system for truck cabs.

Thermo King Europe opened in Galway, Ireland, in the 1970s. Due to the age of the building and a poorly insulated roof, the heat loss was substantial. Combined with the size of the building, its very long production lines and requiring a heating solution with a quick response, Radiant Panels were the obvious solution.

The Solution

Versatile worked closely in conjunction with Mechanical Contractor, Tim Kelly Group. Zehnder ZBN radiant panel was selected & supplied by Versatile.

Radiant Panels, by nature, are 100% radiant which in this environment was more beneficial than using a traditional warm air system. As an industrial panel that can be operated on a one flow and return of up to 100m, therefore keeping pipe work to a minimum – it was the perfect solution.

Versatile are also currently working on the second phase of this project and hoping to work on the other phases, throughout 2017.

Zehnder ZBN Overview
Suitable for all commercial and industrial applications, Zehnder ZBN Radiant Ceiling Panels provide an efficient, economical and energy saving heating solution.

Ideal for:

  • Sports Halls
  • Large space heating
  • High system temperatures (max. 120°C)
  • High working pressures (max. 10 bar)
  • Long panel runs (max 120m)
  • Where robustness is of importance
  • Advantages
  • 1.5mm steel plate facia


Project Value

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