Designer Radiators




Arteplano Radiator puts its best face forward as the heating tubes are concealed behind a beautiful metal front plate. Choose a colour to pop or blend, or take home a true original in brass or copper – each model is individually etched so every radiator is unique.




This radiator has got it all – the looks, the eco credentials, stylish Italian design and the ability to look great in just about any colour in a variety of interior settings. Made from recycled aluminium it uses less water, heats up faster and responds more rapidly to changes in room temperature, making it a great choice for open plan kitchen/living areas.

A sophisticated radiator which combines stylish italian design with energy efficient technology. The Bloks neat columns, complemented by elegant chrome caps make it an ideal companion for contemporary interiors. Made from aluminum it uses less energy to heat up and is fast to respond to changes in room temp.

Hot Hoop

Bisque Hot Hoop Radiator’s deceptively simple form encircles empty space in a series of sinuous coils.


Challenging the orthodoxy of traditional forms, Hot Hoop runs dazzling rings round all other radiators.



With its slim profile and graceful curves the Lissett Radiator is a subtlety elegant radiator that complements contemporary interiors. It’s elliptical sections are topped by chrome caps and it’s discreet brackets allow for minimal projection from the wall. Made from recycled aluminium, the Lissett uses less energy to heat-up and is fast to respond to changes in room temperature.


The Iguana Range is a visually attractive design radiator, with a compact and refined appearance. Iguana symbolizes the essentials of heating: the rhythmic succession of sun rays and nothing more. No ugly visible collectors, just a beautiful slim vertical design to complement any interior.


Vertiga designer radiators are the new benchmark for design radiators operating with low water temperatures. The radically different but environmentally sound Vertiga is able to work with low temperature heating systems – making it one of the comparatively few designer radiators to work effectively with heat produced from renewable sources. The strong and sustainable casing is made from post-harvest Sorghum plant stalk remains, which are woven and heat-pressed, with the distinctive granular finish also adding to its appeal as a visually striking, tactile and contemporary product.

Features & benefits:

  • Recycled casing means each radiator is unique

  • Features two specific heat exchangers

  • Works with condensing boilers and heat pumps allowing it to work much quicker than many larger systems

  • Technical components are concealed within the painted metal sidewall panels

Bisque Classic 

Timeless and versatile, the Bisque Classic radiator is a sleek update of an old school favourite. Aluminium and Anthracite models look particularly striking in modern settings. Whilst the brown and beige quartz finishes add a warm texture.

Fondly referred to as the old school style radiator, Bisque Classic Radiator has an enduring appeal and a great heat output, which makes it the perfect companion for a wide range of interiors.

Finn Radiator

A contemporary finned radiator with a crisp elegance in a white or aluminum finish. The low version sits perfectly under windows. The tall Finn can fit into areas that otherwise would be unusable, freeing up valuable wall space.