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Radiant Panels

Heat & cool your high bay facility with Versatile’s radiant panels. These panels are extremely energy efficient as there is an even distribution of heating & cooling across the entire room. These panels do not require any chilled water from chillers, & will never use any chemical gases or refrigerants to cool the space. Therefore, making them very green & environmentally friendly. These panels also work very efficiently on low flow temperatures

Classroom Ventilation & Heat Recovery

Clean air for classrooms

Building regulations and an ever-increasing emphasis on compliance mean specifying heating and ventilation systems for school buildings can present a major challenge for today’s architects and mechanical designers. In recent years new measures have meant strict new standards on energy efficiency, ventilation, indoor air quality (IAQ) and acoustic control in the education sector.

NZEB Radiator Family

An ideal solution for heat pumps

We care about the environment and continually pursue solutions for a better future. We invest in sustainable, energy-saving products that lower C02 emissions and contribute to green building certifications. We ensure that everyone in the whole chain of our product’s life cycle is accountable. We have an immediate responsibility to protect our future generations, which makes it important that we choose a lifestyle that is surrounded by renewable energy sources. There is a shifting trend from the use of boilers to the rising popularity of Heat Pumps. As boilers are always fossil fuels & burn them, thus some heat will always be lost.


On average, a boiler can run around 94% efficiently compared to heat pumps which are around 300-400% efficient. Our NZEB radiator family is designed to work with not only boilers but also heat pumps. These revolutionary radiators can not only heat but can also cool your space. The heat exchanger consists of aluminum heating fins, copper and brass irrigation tubes, and brass collectors. Totally rust-free, resistant to very high working pressures, and with a 30-year guarantee. Long life means lower environmental impact.


Versatile’s Low-H2O radiators contain 90% less water than that of a steel panel radiator, meaning they are faster to heat up and cool down. This means Low-H2O radiators react faster to the occupants’ needs as well as changes to ambient temperature. Research by KIWA shows that Low-H2O radiators consume between 9 and 16%* less energy than a system with steel panel radiators.

Versatile’s innovative DBE technology is a self-regulating system which responds automatically to changes in room temperature. When in comfort mode the DBE system operates by measuring radiator water temperature and room air temperature to boost outputs as needed. DBE can also be manually triggered to further increase outputs for approximately 15 minutes in boost mode.

Saving water through Sensor Taps

Like most things in life, small changes can have a big impact. On average we each use 5 litres a day on hand washing. With the addition of sensor control faucets, which use up to 70% less water, water usage through hand washing could be reduced to 1.5 liters a day. Our range of touch-free products helps to protect and maintain the health and hygiene of sanitary rooms in hospitals, care homes, and other buildings where large numbers of people come together.

Importance of LCA Scores

LCA or ‘Life Cycle Assessment is a system designed to compare products and their overall impact on the environment. This looks at all processes from design, materials sourcing, manufacturing, energy usage until the product is ultimately ‘retired’. Governments are trying to standardize LCA systems and to integrate them into the legislation. Versatile uses Ovam’s Ecoliser 2.0 based on the Eco-Indicator EI-99 database. The lower the LCA score, the less adverse impact on the environment. Low-H2O radiators score significantly better than other radiators or heating systems.

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Lets be Sustainable Designers Together

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