Hygienic Solutions for Healthcare

Protecting and maintaining the health and hygiene of sanitary rooms in our hospitals, care homes, and other buildings where large numbers of people come together is of the utmost importance.

Versatile’s CONTI+ Range of Touch Free Sensor Taps

Earlier this year, Versatile launched into the Irish market a sustainable range of European-manufactured sensor taps and showers for public washrooms that provide the highest hygiene standards and up to 70{309da07a5432fd8f129a754996d719885e467be57cffee3839b104049e90a8bf} water savings, while solar and turbine powered options achieve a battery life of up to 8 years.

The touch-free CONTI+ sensor tap range ensures thorough hygiene, and its sleek shape makes it easy to clean. Germ-inhibiting materials and hygiene flushing help prevent faucets from becoming a breeding ground for germs. The pipework is both leadfree and bacteria-resistant.

Designed with a high spout for the health sector and industrial applications, the faucet’s allows users to wash up to their elbows. The hygiene mode, which has been specifically developed for hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and other areas requiring rigorous hand cleanliness, features a countdown to help users wash their hands for the prescribed length of time.


Infections are transmitted mainly via the hands. Warmth and moisture provide an excellent basis for the propagation of germs and bacteria. Because there is no need to touch them, touch-free sensor faucets reduce the risk of infection, with the additional advantage that the faucet itself remains clean and hygienic.


With thermal disinfection, CONTI+ faucets eliminate dangerous Legionella bacteria without chemical contamination of the water. In this procedure, the entire faucet is thermally treated with a flow of hot water at 70° C for five minutes. Thermal disinfection is made possible by a bypass valve to circumvent the thermostat, which would normally cut off the flow at 40° C.


Hygienic Operation

  • Reliable, touch-free operation
  • Water flows consistently, triggered by IR sensor at the spout
  • Programmable temperature (removable temperature-adjusting lever)

Hygiene Flushing

  • 12 / 24 hour interval can be activated, fully automatic hygiene flushing
  • Flushing duration and interval are adjustable
  • Required start time can be adjusted via the CNX water management system

Clean Water

  • Germ-inhibiting materials
  • Lead-free pipework
  • Optional laminar aerator

Countdown (Expert version)

Designed especially for medical facilities: the display shows the remaining time required for hand washing, so there is no need for clock watching.

CNX water management system compatible

Analysis and adjustment of all the operating data and functions stored in the tap.

Our specialist team provide specification assistance in selecting the relevant quality product across our range of commercial tile and sanitary ware, achieving the correct regulatory requirements and accomplishing it all within budget. Read more about Versatile’s range of CONTI+ touch free sensor taps.

To discuss how our range of touch free sensor taps can help health care environments and hygienically sensitive areas reduce the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) call us on +353 46 9029 444 or email sales@versatile.ie

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