Keeping our children safe in school!

The time of year when children go back to school is always stressful. Buying new clothes, equipment, books, and stationery, arranging travel, and making and poaching lunches can all add up, especially after the long lazy days of the summer. This year is different. There are new concerns when it comes to your children’s wellbeing. Let’s take a look at what schools can do to increase the safety of your children.

Poor ventilation can cause lethargy so it’s important to keep fresh air and oxygen flowing in the classroom. You want your children to be active and alert, soaking up all of the information that they possibly can, especially at such an important point in their life. It’s not difficult to imagine how easy it is for Co2 levels to build up in a classroom.

Irish Schools

Salutem ventilation smart solution maintains carbon dioxide levels below 1000ppm (parts per million) in a standard Irish classroom – within the required noise level. This means that your children will always be able to breathe quality air without creating distracting noise. You might be thinking: why not just open a window? However a school near a busy road might allow pollution or traffic noise in, while a nearby field or forest may affect hay-fever allergies. Poor ventilation also may encourage mould and dust mites which have an impact on asthma sufferers.

Air Filtration

The benefits of the Salutem system don’t end there. Through the use of a thermal wheel heat recovery device, up to 85% of the heat extracted from the classroom can be recovered, easing any concerns about a massive increase in the cost of heating your child’s school. The Salutem ventilation smart solution is easy to install, requires minimal dump work, and comes with economical control functions.

OXYGEN is an intelligent and fully controllable heating and ventilation solution

that optimises indoor air quality (IAQ) in an energy-efficient way for an optimal

learning environment. It silently takes the air from outside, filters it, and delivers it to the classroom. It also monitors CO2 levels at all times, making sure that the rates never rise too high for them to be dangerous for your children. The controller can be used to regulate the air content in an individual classroom, and teachers can also avail of a boost function, which increases the air flow.


But, what is air filtration without the filters themselves? You probably have had experience with filters in your day to day life. Everyone knows the feeling of vacuuming their home when all of a sudden there is a loss of suction. You can run the vacuum cleaner over the dust as often as you like, but it still remains on your floor. Of course, the filter is blocked. Now, imagine this on a grander scale. If the filter in your ventilation system is blocked, no air is getting in or out, rendering it useless. You’ll need to replace them. 

Take, for example, the Zehnder filter set for ComfoAir. MVHR Filters are filtering air coming in from outside before it reaches your living rooms and bedrooms. A range of filter grades are available which remove airborne particles, from pollen up to carbon. You spend over 70% of your time indoors, so make sure you stay healthy and protected by replacing your air filters often!

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