NZEB Solutions

nZEB (Nearly Zero Energy Buildings) draws closer.

With nZEB efficiency standard mandatory in Ireland by 2020, Versatile is increasingly working towards providing heating, cooling & ventilation solutions for Irish specifiers to meet the new nZEB standards.

If you’re in the construction industry in any capacity, you’ve likely heard of nZEB repeatedly at this point! And you are aware that it relates to a building with a very high energy performance. Both improved insulation levels and renewable energy production will go towards creating the nZEB building. According to the directive; “The nearly zero or very low amount of energy required should be covered to a very significant extent by energy from renewable sources, including energy from renewable sources produced on-site or nearby“.


The nZEB standard will apply to all new buildings occupied after the 31st December 2020. For Public Sector bodies, the standard will apply to all new buildings owned or occupied by the 31st of December 2018.

As with previous Building Regulations there are transitional arrangements in place where buildings are occupied after these dates but work commenced prior to 31st December 2018.

To comply with the nZEB requirement, the Irish Government has revised Building Regulations Part L – Conservation of Fuel and Energy Buildings other than dwellings (and the accompanying Technical Guidance) for consultation. The revised Part L nZEB regulations require non domestic buildings to use up to 60{309da07a5432fd8f129a754996d719885e467be57cffee3839b104049e90a8bf} less energy than allowed under current regulations. In addition to this a requirement for up to 20{309da07a5432fd8f129a754996d719885e467be57cffee3839b104049e90a8bf} of final energy demand is to be met using renewable energy. If a higher level of efficiency is achieved the renewables ratio may be reduced to 10{309da07a5432fd8f129a754996d719885e467be57cffee3839b104049e90a8bf} of final demand.

Versatile’s solutions

On Versatile’s part, we provide a range of heating, cooling & ventilation products specifically tailored to meet nZEB standards, including:

A range of low water content radiators with DBE (dynamic boost effect) that actually work with low flow temperature systems such as air source or ground source heat pumps. New Maxi 2020 LST radiator designed specifically to meet nZEB standards and is a more energy-efficient and dynamic radiator that works even more efficiently using low flow temperatures.

nZEB ducted fan coil units with a low carbon option that introduces a new level of energy efficiency. Designers striving to develop the most energy efficient fan coil systems are, in addition to the use of EC/DC motors, increasingly making use of free cooling (when in cooling mode) and utilising condensing boilers or heat pumps for heating.Zehnder whole house heat recovery ventilation technology, exclusive to Versatile, can recover an outstanding & world class 96{309da07a5432fd8f129a754996d719885e467be57cffee3839b104049e90a8bf} of the heat. ‘Construction product of the year award’ finalist in the Irish Construction Industry Awards 2018, ComfoAir Q MVHR range helps provide the best and most efficient heat recovery performance while offering a simple and easy process through design, installation and commissioning processes.

Versatile is proud to supply world leading products in efficiency and energy use, with Passive House certification.

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