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Radiant Panels

Our energy-efficient radiant heating and cooling solutions can save more than 40% in energy compared to other systems. 


Radiant ceiling systems provide the perfect combination of heating and cooling that works with heat pumps, whilst offering an aesthetically clean and space saving solution for healthcare, industrial and warehouse environments.  Download Versatile's Radiant Heating and Cooling Overview brochure here.

Zehnder Carboline Radiant Heating Panel.

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Zehnder Carboline radiant panels are suitable for all commercial applications, particularly hospital projects.

Ideal for:

  • 600mm grid ceiling

  • Small panels with low flow rates

  • Where hygiene is of the upmost importance

  • When a quick response to Building Maintenance Sytems is required

  • Combined heating and cooling


  • Clean, smooth metal cassette

  • Acoustic absorption options

  • High-tech patented carbon/copper element

  • Anti-bacterial paint finish RAL 9016 or 9010

  • A-rated fire protection insulation

  • Models available for both open and closed ceilings as well as plasterboard ceiling solutions


Suitable for all commercial and industrial applications. ZBN Radiant Ceiling Panels provide an efficient, economical and energy saving heating solution.

Ideal for:

  • Sports Halls

  • Large space heating

  • High system temperatures (max. 120°C)

  • High working pressures (max. 10 bar)

  • Long panel runs (max 120m)

  • Where robustness is of importance                                                  



  • 1.5mm steel plate facia

  • Ø25mm (id) precision steel tube waterways

  • Acoustic absorption, cut-outs, ball guards and special solution versions available

  • Finished in any RAL colour

  • Can achieve up to 40% energy saving over an air heating system.


Zehnder Alumline heating and cooling ceiling systems can be used for sound absorption: The sound waves are absorbed by the fleece at the back and by the inserted insulation material. This results in a significant reduction of the noise level and a reduction in the reverberation time.

With Zehnder alumline the special D shape of the copper pipe increases the surface area for thermal transfer to the aluminium heat conducting profile and to the sheet steel. In this way the method of transfer is utilized most effectively.


  • Efficient thermal transfer leads to high energy savings

  • Low heating flow temperatures

  • Optimum control comfort

  • Energy savings due to the higher surface temperature


For heating and cooling systems both connections pipes are located on the same end. This enables an installation friendly and quick connection of the radiant panel systems. Special connector hoses are used to connect several individual elements to each other; they are connected directly to the pipes with no need for additional tooling. Ceiling cut-outs can be integrated into the panel elements of Zehnder heating and cooling ceiling systems as required. Ideal for offices or meeting rooms , ceiling recesses are possible. Zehnder produces the required ceiling cut-outs precisely to the customers specifications.



 ZIP radiant ceiling panels reduce costs. Heated by hot water, maintenance is minimal and service life is unlimited, saving energy and money.

Suitable for all commercial and industrial applications.

Ideal for:

  • High mounting heights

  • Large space heating

  • Damp or wet environments

  • Panel runs up to 50m

  • Difficult site installation situations


  • Manufactured from galvanised steel plate

  • Ø15mm galvanised steel tube waterways

  • Versatile modular system

  • Special wet room version

  • Finished in any RAL colour

  • Quick fit system

  • Adaptable flow direction system

Approved Prison Radiant Panels

(Water and Electric) 

Approved by NOMS (National Offender Management Service) for high security environments. 


A stringent design criteria set out by the Ministry of Justice has been followed to produce this panel which is capable of withstanding potential onslaughts. The panel has been verified and approved by NOMS.

Key Benefits:

  • Fast response time – Instant radiant heat

  • Maximum efficiency – Low air change energy losses

  • Anti – ligature design – Ensures the safety of users

  • Flexible – Panels manufactured to any size to suit room layouts

  • Zero maintenance costs – No draining or cleaning required

  • Space Saving – Free up wall space

  • Simple to replace – If the panel needs attention simply unscrew & disconnect.

  • Long life – Basic 10 year guarantee but extendable to 25 years



These specially designed panels offer maximum heat transmission with the minimum of surface temperature differentials. Simple to install, these panels can be produced in aluminium, steel or other decorative materials with flush-fitting easy to clean surfaces to suit standard or bespoke projects. These panels can be designed to work with water or electric radiant heating systems.


Electric Radiant Panels 

Electric radiant heating panels work in exactly the same way as LTHW radiant heating panels, emitting gentle long wave infrared heat directly to the objects and people around them.


  • Easier and cheaper to install

  • Easy to control

  • Fast response times

  • Energy-efficient

  • Customisable outputs

  • Can be combined with LTHW


Special Order

Versatile supply a quality range of energy-efficient radiant panels for heating & cooling offices, schools, gyms, shops, warehouse, hospitals & large spaces and for unique spaces and sizes.

Some of the special order radiant panel requests we will be happy to assist with include:

  • bespoke shapes

  • integrated lighting

  • bespoke colours

  • acoustic panels

Please contact us now at for further information.