The Complete Solution for your School Fit Out – from Hygienic Touch-Free Senor Taps to Heating

When safety and hygiene are of the utmost importance, Versatile have all the solutions for your school fit out to ensure the highest standards are met.

1. Maxi Radiators

Designed specifically to meet Nearly Zero Energy Building (nZEB) standards, this “next gen” Maxi 2020 low flow temperature radiator adheres to the new regulations for the industry and is a more energy-efficient and dynamic radiator that works even more efficiently using low flow temperatures.

Key features & benefits include:

  • A super strong casing (1.5mm thick, double folded), designed to remain cool to touch (below 43ºC). Casings come pre-assembled with rounded corners and casing locks as standard.
  • Quick reaction times, energy cost savings
  • Improves indoor air quality – can be partnered with Oxygen ventilation technology to deliver combined ventilation and heating in one system.
  • Anti-bacterial finishes

2. Touch Free Sensor Taps

With improved reliability and simpler, hygienic technology, Touch Free Sensor Taps are fast becoming a standard installation in schools, universities and healthcare facilities. While architects are utilising the sustainable and aesthetic appeal of sensor taps, Facilities Managers are taking advantage of a more reliable and cost-saving solution to water usage.

Touch free sensor tap features & benefits for schools are:

  • Fewer germs – with touchless technology, CONTI+ sensor taps can help reduce the spread of germs, which are often rife in communal spaces such as schools. Products can also be flushed through during vacation periods to ensure there is no build-up of bacteria.
  • Up to 70 water savings – sensor products within halls of residence save water. A water saving of up to 70 can be expected through the installation of CONTI+ sensor products, which can be easily fitted into every washbasin and common area.
  • Simplified maintenance – maintenance is simple with above-deck access to all parts allowing one to change the battery, solenoid or even isolate the water in seconds.


3. Runtal Rad Radiator

This ,Runtal Rad wall-mounted radiator is incredibly durable and suited to the knocks and bumps that can be expected in school classrooms and corridors. Choose from vertical or horizontal versions and in a wide range that includes double panels or combinations of panel and convector fins.

Benefits of the Runtal Rad radiator for schools:

  • Convection heaters installation and maintenance costs are much cheaper
  • They are also considerably more responsive in providing heat when it is required
  • They distribute heat by convection without needing to pump air round the room. In doing so, they reduce the risk of inadvertently increasing exposure to allergens in schools.
  • Available in a wide choice of colours, many schools opt for the standard white but others like to make a feature of rooms and halls by selecting a colour to match or contrast with their décor, particularly in reception areas


4. Ceiling Radiant Panels

Our Carboline and ZBN radiant panels offer flexible installation options, including freely suspended panels or fitting the panels within a closed ceiling to maximise the space available whilst only providing heat where it is needed, heating objects and bodies within the space.

Benefits of radiant panels for schools:

  • Radiant panels are an incredibly cost-efficient way to heat a large space with a high ceiling
  • In a busy sports or assembly hall environment, wall mounted radiators can become problematic, particularly if sports activities are planned
  • In sports and assembly halls, constant heat from a radiator or underfloor heating would be uncomfortable and irritating for many, especially as sports activities will naturally make people warmer anyway
  • In spaces where the hall will be used for sports, protective grilles can easily be fitted to our radiant panels to ensure they are not damaged by wayward football shots or stray basketballs.
  • Radiant panels achieve a higher perceived temperature than the actual room temperature, as you can see in the image below.

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