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Radiant Heating and Cooling

Delivering comfort, energy-saving operation and flexibility when designing the heating and cooling system for large spaces, including high-bay warehouses and logistics centres, can be challenging. Versatile Group’s range of Zehnder radiant ceiling panels provide a solution that works with heat pumps to help achieve nZEB standards and save more than 40 energy by efficiently heating and cooling large buildings.

Suitable for all rooms from approximately two metres to 50 metres in height, the ZBN radiant panel is particularly suited to large spaces. It is available in many different dimensions, with the exact length tailored to the building in question.

Special solutions can also be manufactured. In addition to economic efficiency – with possible energy savings of over 40, no additional electricity costs for driving energy and no maintenance or servicing costs – the comfortable climate is a key benefit. The system uniquely delivers a uniform, comfortable heat distribution throughout the room and across the entire height of the building with no dust dispersal and no noise.

Large Area Radiant Heating and Cooling

The technology provides an extremely quick system response to temperature changes. Thermal insulation is installed ex-works and the ceiling design allows for unrestricted use of floor and wall space. The variety of solutions is also noteworthy, with lengths of strips up to approximately 120m (sub-length up to 7.5m), with a perforated design for sound absorption and a high-quality powder coating in a range of colours.

Versatile has developed a 45-minute CPD webinar on Designing Radiant Heating and Cooling Systems. It is accredited by CIBSE, RIBA and RIAI, and explores the available energy-saving solutions, how they operate and the benefits that radiant systems can offer. Register here.

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