The New Generation of Radiators

“Welcoming the New Generation of Radiators that Work with Heat Pumps” – Andrew Treacy, Versatile Group Director.

As the focus on renewable energy sources grows, heat pumps are being recognised as a preferred solution for many. There is a common misconception that heat pumps are restricted to use with underfloor heating, due to low flow temperatures and the need for a large surface area to provide effective heat distribution. ‘Normal’ steel panel radiators used with heat pumps need to be dramatically oversized to provide sufficient heat output – making them heavy, unresponsive, unsightly and space consuming.

Smaller, more attractive radiators.

However, with Jaga’s DBE (Dynamic Boost Effect) radiators, exclusively available in Ireland from Versatile, it is now possible to have smaller, more attractive radiators working efficiently with heat pumps.

DBE technology boosts output by incorporating and controlling small fan units that work in conjunction with Jaga’s Low-H2O technology. A Low-H2O radiator has a thermal inertia around one tenth of that of a traditional steel panel radiator, and contains one tenth of the water volume. This means it stores less heat, and reacts three times faster to fluctuations in temperature – dramatically increasing energy efficiency.

Boost heat output up to 250 at low water temperatures.

It is this trailblazing technology which enables heat pumps to perform at their best yet still be twinned with attractive, compact radiators. A Jaga DBE unit as supplied by Versatile can boost heat output by as much as 250 at low water temperatures, so radiators can be one third of the size of an equivalent output steel panel radiator, and deliver the required room temperature up to nine times faster.

The combination of heat pumps and Jaga technology can significantly enhance contractors’ and installers’ green credentials whilst preserving our environment.

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