The use of pattern all year round can brighten up even the gloomiest of Irish weather.

Irish weather. We all know what it’s like. When it’s not being unpredictable then it’s predictably gloomy. But don’t let that get you down, there’s always ways to keep a home bright and cheerful, and if you introduce these patterned tiles to your customers then their face may just light up on the spot.

tile patterns

Marble tiles are an elegant and versatile addition to any home. The bright white base, infused with streaks of various colours can’t help but add a little shine to the home. Pair them with the right light fixtures, and you’ve got a dazzling decor, all year round.


Speaking of shine, how about some sun colours? Amber, red, and orange tiles leave the room bursting with vibrancy! Consider adding some blue, so as to evoke a beautiful sunset.


These tiles are full of the imagery of nature. Not only are the tiles circled by stylish flowers, they are also reminiscent of ocean waves, lapping against the sandy shores. Floral patterns are always a winner when it comes to livening up a living space. Bringing the idyllic patterns of nature into your customers’  home is one sure fire way to illuminate their abode.

patio tiles

The use of varying shades of the same colour, when spread out across a room, can give the illusion of light. Combine this with a hypnotic and interesting pattern and you’ve got the solution for adding some life to a room which might otherwise feel a little drab.


Another great way to enhance the light in a room is to use metallic patterns. Highly reflective finishes can bounce light all around your customer’s room, and the patterns can create interesting and unusual projections as the day goes on.


As you can see, just because the weather outside is frightful, doesn’t mean that the indoors needs to be bleak. A few changes here and there can really liven things up!


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