Versatile – Planting Trees Can Help The World To Breathe

Over the past few months, the Versatile team has been working hard to ensure we are doing all we can to continue our sustainability journey.

As an organization with a strong focus on making this world a better place, we make sure that our actions translate into real tangible results. Here to share the motivation behind this meaningful initiative. We chose to help in planting trees and working towards our goal of achieving a sustainable future. This month we completed 1200 indigenous trees including: Ash, Elder, Birch, Oak & Scots Pine.

This was not just a tree planting exercise but also an opportunity for our team members to work together in their own community and learn first-hand about the importance of caring for our environment. The trees that were chosen for planting were selected based on their ability to provide shelter for birds and animals as well as food for bees and other insects.

VERSATILE – Andrew Treacy (Director Versatile) with his sons William & Andrew
Photo: Versatile

We are so proud of everyone who got involved in this project!

The trees were planted recently as a step to secure the future of our future generation & in any way contribute to reduce the global carbon footprint.

Sustainability has always been a critical element & core value at Versatile. It forms a pillar in all our decision making and we’re continuing to monitor what more we can do to reduce our environmental impact and become even greener. Did you know that a single tree can produce enough oxygen for a family of four for an entire year?

Well, now you do. And that’s just one of the amazing things about trees.

Here at Versatile, we’re committed to doing our part to help the environment. That’s why we’ve planted 1200 indigenous trees—and counting! But why are these trees so special?


VERSATILE – Andrew Treacy (Director Versatile) with his sons William & Andrew & their 2 lovely dogs
Photo: Versatile


“Planting trees was an easy decision when you consider the benefits” – Andrew Treacy (Managing Director at Versatile)

In the period of 1 year, Our trees will produce 6272 kg of oxygen. This amount allows 7467 people to breath for the entire day! Our trees will store 2352 kg of carbon, which means trees will erase a carbon footprint equivalent to 26133 m travelled by plane. Our trees will evaporate: 540000 liters of water which has the same cooling effect as 5 air conditioners working for 24000 hours! We will help you save approximately 27751.09 € on heating/cooling your home.



























Trees are an important part of making sure that we have a sustainable future.

“Versatile will continue to take real tangible steps to reduce our CO2 emissions as a group of people & a company. We will continue & build on this initiative of tree planting. Furthermore Versatile procurement have & currently analyzed the life cycle score of every product that Versatile uses. Based on this we have a plan to phase out any products with any harmful effects on our environment.” – Andrew Treacy 

We believe that our planet has enough space to accommodate everyone. And with more than ten million hectares still available under the rainforest canopy, we’ve made it our mission to plant more trees. We believe that with every tree we plant, we take one step towards making the world a healthier and better place. On the surface, Versatile’s effort may seem rather insignificant. But looking beyond the initial scope of our project, it becomes clear that our initiative will likely have a positive impact on Ireland & World in years to come. The environment is a huge part of our day-to-day, yet it’s often overlooked. We call on everyone to be conscious of their environmental impact and to do their part. A small change can make a big difference, so plant up!

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