The luxury bathroom.

When it comes to bathrooms, why settle for less than luxury?

People won’t accept a sub-par kitchen, living room, or bedroom. These are the rooms your customers usually imagine when they think of their dream home, so it’s not surprising that when your customers think of what their bathroom could look like then they might be a little short on ideas.

Why not start with the bath itself?

Bathrooms A freestanding bath makes for an elegant and beautiful centrepiece in any bathroom. These ornate pieces simply scream luxury. A freestanding bath with rounded edges is also a great way to save space, without compromising on your customers’ chosen aesthetic.  

Maybe they’re not a bath person? That’s okay. How about a walk-in shower instead?


Sleek and modern, these walk-in showers are the ultimate in shower luxury. These walk in showers sit flush with the rest of the bathroom, allowing for a leisurely stroll in as part of the user’s daily routine. Incorporated into a new bathroom, or as an addition to an existing bathroom, you can’t go wrong with these contemporary and stylish showers.

classic style

Combining functionality with the classic taste, this retro style unit will transport anyone back to the luxurious and decadent times of bygone eras. This unit is available in a range of colours. You can read more about it here sink

Customers can really set their bathrooms apart from the others with a dazzling, new wash basin. Betraying their delicate appearance, you’ll find that these wash basins are extremely durable, and come with a tantalising texture too. In a guest bathroom, these are the last thing visitors will focus on before their exit, and these wash basins are sure to give them a positive and lasting impression of their owner.


Can you really call a bathroom ”luxury” without high end fittings? In the bathroom, every part has a role to play. Fittings aren’t just for practical purposes, the correct, ornate fittings can really tie the bathroom together. 

bathroom tiles

The luxury bathroom isn’t complete without the right set of tiles. Mix and match these tiles to give a modern, edgy appearance, maybe go for something brighter to evoke light and sunshine, or even marble can be opted for – for that palatial experience. The right selection of tiles can completely transform a bathroom, and leave your customers in the luxury they deserve. 


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