Wet room or shower enclosure: Which is right for you?

Style and needs are two things that always change over time. Your customers may be considering altering their bathroom and they have weighed all the pros and cons in deciding between a wet room and shower enclosure, but they’re still not sure which is right for them. 

They’re probably wondering what the differences between a wet room and a shower enclosure are, and which wet room glass shower screens best suits them and their new bathroom. 

A wet room is an open plan solution to showering needs. They don’t typically make use of screens or dividers, but nothing is preventing their installation, if that’s what is preferred. The showerhead is usually located above or nearby a drain in the floor that whisks away the water. This often requires a slight gradient in the tiling of the floor to ensure that the water always finds its way out. 


Not only do they look amazing, but wet rooms are much more easily accessible than a traditional shower or bath for the elderly or those with mobility issues. The floor of the wet room remains flush with the rest of the bathroom. This results in a well-integrated and stylish appearance that’s a boon to any home.

Non-slip tiles should be considered, and can be found at https://www.versatile.ie/product_collections/tiles/ 

The wet room design is also ideal for those with a smaller bathroom space to work with, as the absence of dividers can really maximise available space!

On the other hand, a shower enclosure is hard to beat for beauty and practicality. A clear or frosted pane can be chosen for the enclosure, and also give the option of adding handles and frames which complement the rest of the bathroom. Frameless glass enclosures are also available, if that’s the style your customers prefer.

A well-placed screen can prevent water splashing all over the bathroom, keeping towels and toilet paper nice and dry. Also, unlike the wet room, the water is primarily confined to one area, which negates the need for extensive tiling. Perfect for those working within a smaller budget.


A glass enclosure for the shower also has the benefit of not cutting off the bathroom, in the visual sense. Being able to see through the panes goes a long way to maintaining the vibe of spaciousness.

Enclosed showers are also very low-maintenance. Panes can be bought in a tempered glass style or coated with a protective layer, resulting in being resistant to scratches. This also makes them very easy to clean, which can be done by simply wiping them down.

Whether you choose a wet room or shower enclosure, for more information you can visit https://www.versatile.ie/product_collections/bathrooms/showers/

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