St. Nessan’s School, Limerick

St. Nessan’s School, Limerick

  • Client Department of Education, Ireland
  • Main Contractor Dominic O'Connor Ltd

St. Nessan’s School, located in Limerick, faces challenges typical of educational facilities, including maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures, managing solar gain, ensuring high levels of insulation and air tightness, and most importantly, providing a healthy learning environment by controlling CO2 levels below 1000 ppm. This case study outlines the innovative HVAC solutions implemented at St. Nessan’s School to address these challenges effectively.

The Challenge

St. Nessan’s School required a comprehensive HVAC solution capable of maintaining optimal indoor air quality while minimizing energy consumption and noise levels. The system needed to accommodate varying occupancy levels, cope with solar gain, and meet stringent thermal comfort requirements.

The Solution

Ventilation Solution:

  • Salutem Ventilation Units: St. Nessan’s School opted for Salutem units, renowned for their effectiveness in ventilation. These units employ a displacement ventilation strategy to ensure consistent temperature control and CO2 levels below 1000 ppm.
  • Max Airflow Rate: With a maximum airflow rate of 300 liters per second, the Salutem units can efficiently provide fresh air to classrooms, promoting a healthier environment for students and staff.
  • Noise Control: By incorporating advanced noise reduction technology, the ventilation system maintains noise levels below 35 dBA, minimizing disruptions to classroom activities.
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