Glencar House

Glencar House

  • Main Contractor Walls Construction
  • Mechanical Contractor Treysta
  • Consulting Engineer O'Connor Sutton Cronin
  • Architect Reddy Architecture + Urbanism

Glencar House, nestled on Merrion Road in Dublin 4, represents a pinnacle of biophilic design, seamlessly blending nature-inspired elements with contemporary architectural finesse. A joint effort led by Versatile, a prominent supplier of HVAC equipment, Glencar House redefines sustainable workplace environments.

Through Versatile’s innovative fan coil solution, Glencar House successfully addressed its acoustic challenges while maintaining a focus on sustainability and efficiency. This project serves as a testament to Versatile’s commitment to delivering tailored HVAC solutions that prioritize occupant comfort, environmental responsibility, and architectural excellence. Glencar House stands as a beacon of biophilic design and sustainable development, redefining the modern workplace experience in Dublin’s urban landscape.

The Challenge

Glencar House faced challenges in achieving optimal acoustics, with specific areas requiring noise levels below 35 dB and even lower at 30 dB. Versatile was tasked with providing a fan coil solution that could meet these stringent requirements, all while ensuring ultra-low Specific Fan Power (SFP) compliant with the BS 8850 standard.

The Solution

1. Acoustic Solutions:

  • Specialized Fan Coil: Versatile’s expertise came to the forefront in delivering a bespoke fan coil solution tailored to Glencar House’s acoustic needs. Through meticulous design and engineering, the fan coil provided noise levels well below the required thresholds, ensuring a tranquil and productive workspace for occupants.

2. HVAC Efficiency and Compliance:

  • Ultra-Low Specific Fan Power (SFP): Versatile’s fan coil solution was engineered to achieve an ultra-low SFP, meeting and surpassing the stringent requirements set forth by the BS 8850 standard. This ensured optimal energy efficiency and performance, aligning seamlessly with Glencar House’s sustainability objectives.

3. Sustainability and LEED Compliance:

  • Energy-Efficient Design: Versatile’s fan coil solution not only excelled in acoustics but also contributed to Glencar House’s sustainability goals. By minimizing energy consumption and maximizing efficiency, the HVAC system played a key role in achieving LEED certification and promoting environmental stewardship.

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