Stapolin Educate Together National School

Stapolin Educate Together National School

  • Client Department of Education Ireland
  • Main Contractor OHLA Ireland Construction & Engineering Ltd
  • Mechanical Contractor Celsius Mechanical
  • Architect Samuel Stevenson
  • Consulting Engineer Tetratech

Designing a solution that could maintain adequate carbon dioxide levels at 1000 parts per million (ppm). Delivering a solution that could cope with the demands of a school, including solar gain, overheating, and high insulation and air tightness. Ensuring the system is highly responsive

We were able to deliver a suite of HVAC solution for Stapolin. The energy efficiency of the building is more than 93%. We were able to deliver a solution with a SFP below 0.2 Watts/ Litre.

The Challenge

Fulfilling the heat loads and heating requirements from lower flow temperatures while staying within a reasonable footprint for the size of the radiators and radiant panels. Maintaining the classroom with CO2 levels of less than 1000 ppm while also keeping the noise level below 35dBA and achieving sufficient air quality throughout the classroom.

The Solution

Heating Solution 

  • The nZEB Maxi radiators have a 90% lower water content than normal radiators, making them more dynamic and efficient. They are the ideal solution for heat pumps and can fit underneath the sill heights of the windows, giving an aesthetic and space-saving look. 
  • The ZFP Radiant Panels also have the ability to run off heat pumps with lower flow temperatures and are highly efficient. This was an ideal solution for the sports hall as we are heating the surface and not the air.

Ventilation Solution

  • The Salutem units are a highly effective ventilation system that uses displacement ventilation strategy. Therefore maintaining consistent temperature and CO2 levels of less than 1000 ppm, while keeping the noise level below 35 dBA. They also have a max. airflow rate of 300 liters per second if required, ensuring a healthier and fresher classroom.
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