Commercial Radiator Valves

Herz Thermostatic Valve Heads

Herz thermostatic valve heads available in standard thermostatic-head, vandal resistant-head or remote control valves.

Herz Manual Radiator Valves

Large range of Herz anual radiator valves available from half inch to one inch. Also available for double regulation valves

Herz Thermostatic Radiator Valves

Herz thermostatic valves available in a range of sizes and configurations from angle, straight and reversed angled. Specialist single pipe system thermostatic pipes also available.

Herz Single Pipe Valves

Herz single pipe thermostatic radiator valves available in a large range of sizes.

Herz Lockshield Return Valves

Herz lockshield radiator valves available in a large range of sizes and pipe orientations.