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As life becomes increasingly busy, we continue to look for new ways to relax and de-stress. Versatile’s range of spa innovations are creating a new wave of wellness at home.

Imagine enjoying the bliss and benefits of a spa experience in your own home at the end of a long day. The Wellness experts at Versatile Bathrooms + Tiles will help transform your bathroom into a beautiful home spa tailored
just for you.

Whatever your space or budget requirements, your options are plentiful from a full sauna-hammam system that embodies minimalist design, to a state-of-the-art Touch & Steam system that provides the restorative power of water using the latest technology. The Effe Touch & Steam is a stylish Compact professional steam generator – suitable for any shower or Hammam. An elegant panel of silk-screened tempered glass conceals state-of-the-art technology providing perfect steam bath functions including steam generation, chromotherapy, aromatherapy, music and touch-screen backlit icons.

Or simply increase your at-home luxury by adding individual spa elements to your shower, such as a Kneipp affusion pipe to treat your face, arms or legs or water curve massage jet to enjoy a neck or shoulder massage. Effe Touch & Steam Facial Affusion firms the skin, Aquapressure helps to ease away tensions.

Add Individual Spa Elements

The Aquapressure spa shower set focuses on Aquapressure and Kneipp therapy. When pressure is exerted on the meridians and pressure points as well as soft tissues of the body using aquapressure therapy, it can lead to increased blood in the skin and muscles and eased tension in the body.

The multisensory shower experience! Whether you’re taking a moment to wind down and recharge after a long day, or giving your immune system a boost, our luxury showers and water solutions provide healing through multisensory experiences that reinvigorate the mind and body so you can take on the world.

Create your own Steam Room

Small Size Premium Spa

A feeling of spaciousness in a minimum of space – with numerous individual usage options, the SSPS® concept meets the highest standards in terms of comfort, functionality and enhanced quality of life. The “Small Size Premium Spa” concept is based on a carefully designed zone architecture and a functional arrangement of elements. The spacious wet zone, measuring approx. 3.5m2, is only separated from the dry zone by a glass screen. The two zones create a spacious and harmonious ambience.

The SSPS® concept has sharpened the view of global changes, inspired new approaches and stimulated an enthusiastic discussion. The award-winning architecture study brings together spa functions in the smallest of spaces and thus provides a consistent answer with less and less affordable living space. This concept has now been further developed in a slightly larger and a minimal variant: as an SSPS® suite for hotels and SSPS® apartment in a holistically planned 35m² apartment.

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