Commercial Ventilation

Where commercial buildings and indoor spaces populate large numbers of people, a comfortable indoor climate is essential for each individual’s health and performance. 

Salutem ventilation unit

Ideal for schools, the Salutem Ventilation smart solution has the ability to maintain carbon dioxide levels below 1000ppm in a standard Irish classroom - within the required noise level.

Salutem extracts stale and polluted room air and replaces it with filtered outdoor air, with the heat in the extracted air being recovered by a thermal wheel heat recovery device of up to 85% efficiency.  

  • Simple installation

  • Minimal dump work

  • Economical control functions

  • Supply and extract onto one exterior wall

  • Optimal operating economy

  • Integrated displacement ventilation

  • Quiet


Global range

The GLOBAL Air Handling unit range is an innovative new series of efficient and robust units, designed to deliver simplicity, value and the right indoor climate.

The GLOBAL range suits small to medium size projects such as retail shops, restaurants, offices, schools, hotels, residential buildings, fitness centres, daycare centres, gyms, theatres and public buildings.

  • Integrated post-heating coil

  • Integrated TAC5 controls

  • Touchscreen HMI: TACtouch

  • Optional G4 pre-filter

  • High or Premium efficiency heat exchanger

  • Temperature efficiency, heat recovery up to 85%

  • Air flows up to 7200 m³/h or 2000 l/s

  • Cooling energy recovery

  • Equipped with composite or aluminium fans​


Enervent Pegasos Z 

The Enervent Pegasos unit is best suited for large detached houses and public spaces, such as schools and childcare centres. All heating and cooling coils are built-in to the unit. Enervent Pegasos is a ‘non-residential ventilation unit’ (NRVU) according to the EU Commission Regulation No 1253/2014.

  • Designed to keep CO2 at 1200ppm