4D Bathroom Design Service: A Virtual Reality Look Into A Bathroom Of Your Dreams

4D Bathroom Design Theatre – Imagine How Your New Bathroom Will Really Look and Feel

How many of you have spent countless hours designing your bathroom, going through every detail in your mind, only to be disappointed with the finished room realising it didn’t turn out quite as you pictured it. I don’t know about you, but for me, it happens in almost every job. We simply cannot imagine what changes our ideas make to the room’s layout when we install a bath or a shower. Can we properly visualize our dream bathroom before we even choose tiles? Bathroom furniture, lighting and accessories are important, few doubt that. What you need however is a grand experience. What you need is 4D technology bathroom design service…

person visualising a 4D virtual reality Bathroom Design

This is how it will work:

We have created a virtual reality room where you can enter and step inside your own imagined bathroom space. We have installed a grand TV, 4D glasses & surround sound speakers.

You will be able to see the products in real-life size, feel the textures, colours & see how they fit into your space.

Your imagination can run wild as you walk through the room and experience all the products before making a final decision on what suits you best.

The 4D bathroom design service is very simple. Our designer will guide you through a number of different designs, using the latest virtual reality technology. This allows us to show you how your new bathroom will look & feel before it’s installed. It also means that you can make changes on the spot without having to wait for another appointment with our designer.

overview of 4D bathroom design service

The 4D bathroom design service is available at our showroom in Navan. We have a team of designers who are able to assist you with any questions that you may have about this exciting new technology.

Theatre system works with a specific software program which allows us to create endless combinations of designs and colours that can be displayed on any surface within your bathroom space. The theatre system gives you a realistic experience by showing your chosen products on walls, floors or even tiles in a shower cubicle or bathtub surrounds etc.. The system can show you any colour combination you choose from our extensive range of tiles and materials offered by Versatile Bathrooms & Tiles Ltd.

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4D Design Features include

•Step into your new bathroom space with a 360-degree view from every angle

•Bring furniture into your design for a truly realistic experience

•Get a detailed view of your chosen products from every angle using augmented reality

•Take photos and videos of your design ideas to share online with family or friends

Bathroom design service with tiles & bath

Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in a home that we can design, and there are certainly many options for us to choose from. It is important that we take every step to ensure that our clients’ needs are met and their vision is fully realized. A 4D design theatre like this one helps us do just that by providing a real-world and immersive space for our clients to view the product and features firsthand.

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