Craigavon Area Hospital Armagh

Craigavon Area Hospital Armagh

  • Contractor: Felix O’Hare & Co. Ltd
  • Mechanical Contractor: Michael Nugent Ltd

The Southern Trust’s new Aseptic Unit development in Craigavon Area Hospital, Co. Armagh allows for the preparation and dispensing of sterile medical products and specialised medication.

The project is part of a £15 million package to modernise hospital services for children and young people across the Southern Trust.

The Solution

Due to the high specification of this project, Carboline Radiant Panels, a popular heating solution for hospitals, schools and offices, were chosen from Versatile’s range of energy-efficient radiant panels.

The Carboline Radiant Panels were the suitable choice for this modernisation project as they set new standards in terms of performance, temperature distribution and controllability.

The panels are ideal when:

  • Hygiene is of the utmost importance
  • A quick response to Building Maintenance Systems is required
  • Combined heating and cooling is preferred for a healthy indoor climate


Budget Cost

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