Elevating Indoor Air Quality: The Versatile Flex Ventilation Units

As the demand for efficient and innovative ventilation solutions continues to rise, Versatile proudly introduces the Flex ventilation units, designed to revolutionize indoor air quality. With a focus on versatility, performance, and sustainability, these units offer unparalleled benefits for both residential and commercial spaces. Let’s delve into the features and advantages of the Flex units and how they cater to diverse needs.

Flex Ceiling Mounted unit
  1. Introducing the Flex Units:
    Designed as a cornerstone of passive house ventilation, the Versatile ComfoAir Flex units offer a tailored solution for superior indoor air quality and energy efficiency. Available in two variants, the ComfoAir Flex Standard and ComfoAir Flex Pro, these units embody innovation and performance for passive house applications.
  2. Ceiling-Mounted Design for Seamless Integration:
    At the heart of the ComfoAir Flex units is their ceiling-mounted configuration, specifically optimized for passive house installations. By positioning the units on the ceiling, they maximize space utilization while seamlessly integrating into the passive house environment. This innovative design ensures unobtrusive ventilation performance, maintaining the integrity of passive house principles.
  3. Unrivaled Performance for Passive House Comfort:
    Equipped with cutting-edge heat recovery technology and whisper-quiet operation, the ComfoAir Flex units deliver unparalleled performance in passive house environments. With efficient heat exchange systems and low energy consumption, these units prioritize comfort without compromising on sustainability. In passive house construction, where thermal comfort is paramount, the ComfoAir Flex units ensure consistent ventilation for optimal indoor living conditions.
  4. Versatility to Meet Passive House Standards:
    Versatile ComfoAir Flex units offer versatility to adapt to the unique requirements of passive house projects. Whether it’s maintaining balanced indoor humidity levels, filtering out pollutants, or promoting thermal comfort, the Flex units excel in meeting passive house standards. With customizable settings and adaptable configurations, they provide tailored ventilation solutions for every passive house application.
  5. Sustainable Solutions for Passive House Construction:
    Committed to environmental stewardship, Versatile integrates eco-conscious features into the ComfoAir Flex units to support passive house principles. By minimizing energy consumption and maximizing efficiency, the Flex units contribute to reduced environmental impact and enhanced sustainability. With a focus on long-term durability and performance, they epitomize the ethos of passive house design.


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Elevate your passive house comfort with the Versatile ComfoAir Flex ventilation units. Engineered to deliver superior indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and sustainability, the Flex units set new benchmarks for ventilation technology in passive house construction. Experience the perfect synergy of performance and eco-friendliness with the Versatile ComfoAir Flex units, redefining comfort and sustainability in passive house living.

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