Growth of Radiant Panel use for Versatile

As Energy costs increase, the expectation for high comfort levels is also increasing. The challenge is to provide an energy-efficient yet comfortable system – Zehnder ZBN offers the solution.

Factories, Storage facilities, sports and multipurpose halls, schools, showrooms are some of the applications where using ZBN panels are possible.

Versatile have supplied ZBN Radiant Panels to many prestigious projects including Dublin Airport Terminal 2, Grand Canal Theatre, Wexford Opera House and a large amount of schools around the Country.

Zehnder ZBN radiant ceiling panels can provide heating and cooling both comfortably and efficiently, they can be used in all rooms up to 30m high. Available in a variety of widths and lengths and specified to suit each application. Features such as lighting apertures and perforations for acoustic performance can be easily incorporated.

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