Ceiling Cassette

Ceiling Cassette

Designed for rapid installation and easy maintenance, Versatile chilled water ceiling cassettes offer the perfect solution to provide a comfortable environment in offices, shops and shopping centres, educational establishments, hospitals and other applications where floor and wall space is at a premium.

These chilled water cassettes are available in two sizes 600x600mm & 875x875mm. All models utilise a lightweight, one piece chassis, which not only reduces installation time and labour but also ensures easy access to the in-built drain tray for regular cleaning.

  • EC Fan motors with exceptionally Low sound levels
  • Long air throws, for effective air distribution
  • Integral and easy to clean drain tray with all services accessed from below at one corner
  • Modern, slim, square fascia with rounded corners
  • Simple on-site fan speed adjustment
  • Wired or infra-red ‘L’ controls
  • 2 pipe CWC (for Cooling Only) or 4 pipe CWC(For Cooling & Heating)
  • Fascia retaining clips for ease of installation and maintenance
  • Removable lightweight chassis for ease of installation, maintenance and cleaning
  • 4 way air discharge
  • Gravity drain
  • Easy filter access
  • Long life washable filters
  • Fan finger guard for safety
  • Fire retardant materials


CWC 600×600 for Cooling only, CWC 875×875 For Cooling Only, CWC 600×600 For Heating & Cooling, CWC 875×875 For Heating & Cooling

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