In combination with a Versatile ComfoAir Q600 heat recovery unit, the Versatile ComfoClime is designed to reduce the temperature and humidity of fresh air supplied into the home to comfortable levels, thereby creating a pleasant indoor climate.

  • ComfoCool is equipped with a compression cooling system, as is used in refrigerators
  • This system releases energy that is discharged in the air exhausted from the dwelling. The result is that energy is transferred from the supply air (which becomes cooler and drier as a result) to the exhaust air (which heats up as a result).
  • The combination of Zehnder ComfoCool and MVHR cools more efficiently, as the heat recovery unit then behaves more like a ‘cold recovery unit’ in warm weather
  • Warm fresh air is pre-cooled by the heat recovery unit and then cooled further by Zehnder ComfoCool.

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