Grunge Concrete

Grunge Concrete

Distressed concrete, damaged and abused over time takes on new life. The Grunge Concrete porcelain stoneware range for floors recreates the rougher, more ravaged aspects of this material, creating surfaces with a bold character. A compelling interplay of damage and light add the finishing touch to urban, underground style rooms where the scratches and imperfections are transformed into pure creative energy.

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  • Rectified
  • Available Surfaces:  Natural & Antislip
  • Thickness available:  9 mm
  • Slip Rating: R9, R11
  • Available Colors:  Rebel Grey, Rebel Tan, Rebel White, Rebel Iron, Rebel Black, Scratch Grey, Scratch Tan, Scratch White, Scratch Iron & Scratch Black
  • Suitable for Outdoor setting

Sizes Available

  1. 120×30 cm
  2. 120×60 cm
  3. 60×30 cm
  4. 60×60 cm

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