OXYGEN is an intelligent and fully controllable heating and ventilation solution that optimises indoor air quality (IAQ) in an energy-efficient way for an optimal learning environment. It works by combining unique displacement ventilation with an integrated heating system and complete controllability – all of which makes it simply smarter than other options – available on three levels

  1.  Optimal ventilation Unique displacement ventilation ensures optimal indoor air quality
  2. Integrated heating (and night time cooling) In-built heating & free cooling solution ensures optimal temperature
  3. Complete controllability Smart system ensures optimal performance and energy efficiency


  • Improves indoor air quality to create an optimal learning environment every time
  • Delivers clean, healthy, fresh air on demand in a highly energy efficient way
  • Is an intelligent, integrated solution that meets all your heating and ventilation needs
  • Is completely controllable and fully scalable to meet any changing and future needs
  • Can help to reduce the carbon footprint of the school/university;
  • Offers significant energy and cost savings for years to come.

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