Zehnder ComfoFond-L Eco

Zehnder ComfoFond-L Eco

The ComfoFond L-Q earth-brine sub-soil heat exchanger uses the relatively constant annual temperature of the earth at a depth of one to one and a half metres. This ‘passive store’ of energy remains at a temperature of 8-12ºC all year round and can be used to temper incoming supply air in winter and summer months.

ComfoFond-L Q brine-earth heat exchanger has been developed for use in conjunction with the ComfoAir Q350/450/600 comfort ventilation units. It combines the highest comfort with very high efficiency in a compact installation. In winter, when the outdoor temperatures are low, it pre-heats the outdoor air to prevent freezing. This ensures optimum operation of the ComfoAir Q ventilation unit, even at outdoor temperatures below freezing. In summer, the ComfoFond-L Q sub-soil heat exchanger lowers the temperature of the outdoor air, and helps to support a conventional air-conditioning system.

  • Tempered supply air throughout the year
  • Designed to integrate easily and effectively with the ComfoAir Q heat recovery range
  • Operates automatically thanks to its integrated temperature sensor h Ideal for use in high-water table and extremely effective in water bearing sand/gravel and granite soil types
  • Exceptional energy efficiency due to utilisation of renewable energy from the ground
  • The system is low maintenance and all serviceable parts are easily accessible
  • Frost-free permanent operation, even at external temperatures of less than -25ºC
  • ComfoFond L-Q provides a closed loop system which offers improved hygiene over open loop versions
  • The closed loop system offered by ComfoFond L-Q delivers lower air resistance than an open loop system leading to lower running costs and enhanced efficiency
  • Design and supply from one manufacturer ensures compatibility and ease of integration

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