Green Marble Slabs


With the advancements in modern technologies in Tile manufacturing Marble effect, Tiles have an effective medium to bring warmth, light and energy to an interior.
We now see the introduction of the green marbles. Marble looks and other traditionally inspired ceramic materials are adapting to modern contemporary styles. Normally seen as floor tiles, marble looks are a luxurious design that can now be found in large porcelain tile panels and slabs that are perfect for countertops, bathroom vanities, walls, and more.

The options available have wonderful character and veining which contrasts with the rich earthy greens base tones bringing a mystical quality to the setting.
Connemarble Irish has a diverse colouration with graduated shades from dark to light with distinctive white veining.
Aosta Green is inspired by the fragments of green and whites of the marbles of the Italian Alps.
Verde Persia extracts the wonderful green tones in Persian Marble which results in a rare and precious finish.

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