Making the most of your space in a small bathroom.

Your customers have finally found the home of their dreams! 

But there’s one small problem: their bathroom isn’t quite spacious enough. Well, there’s no need to worry, with these tips and tricks you’ll manage to make room for everything they need, while keeping their bathroom beautiful.

Bathroom Design

When saving space is an issue, wall mounted fixtures such as the sink should be considered. Not only does it look stylish and modern, but it also allows your customer to place a waste bin or basket underneath. This basket can be used to store items which might not fit into the storage cabinets.

A mounted towel rack can further reduce the need for on-the-ground storage.


For appearance’s sake, consider utilising bright colours to give an air of spaciousness.


Another way to add a lot of space and vibrancy to your customers’ bathrooms is through the use of mirrors. The reflection of light gives the impression that the bathroom is much bigger than it really is. Mirrors can also come with a rack, on which toiletries can be stored, further decreasing clutter and the need for storage.


Using glass panes as part of the shower enclosure prevents the bathroom from having a sudden “cut off” appearance. Glass shower enclosures allow the space in the bathroom to remain visible while being sleek and stylish themselves.

Bathroom Design Using shelves to store items can give a beautiful, ornate look to any bathroom while finding a practical use for what would otherwise be wasted wallspace.


Using recessed cabinets can save a lot of room. Instead of storage spaces taking up the limited space, they can be placed inside the bathroom wall. With this method, storage space can be retained, while keeping the sleek clean look desired in the bathroom.


A clever space saver in the sink area is to choose a tap that sits parallel to the sink. Positioning taps to the side reduces the area that the sink juts into, leaving a clear passage through the bathroom.

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