The downstairs loo.

A downstairs bathroom, or cloakroom as it’s often called, can be really advantageous to any home. If your customers spend a lot of time in the kitchen or garden, they can save a lot of time and energy by not having to walk up and down the stairs several times per day.For those with friends or family who are older or have mobility issues, a downstairs loo can really make a home more inviting. For those with young children in your home, the idea of them not having to run up and down the stairs while unaccompanied can really bring some peace of mind.

As this bathroom is going to be located on the ground floor, it will probably be the bathroom that guests see most often when they come to visit. For this reason, it should make a good impression. Downstairs loos aren’t typically very large, so there’s a need to make the most of the space available, while retaining an interesting and tasteful appearance.

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Keeping things organised should be a high priority. When your customer is having a hectic day and they’re rushing out the door, they don’t want to have to run back upstairs before taking care of the essentials. Having the things they need, available at a moment’s notice can be invaluable. Having everything needed to hand doesn’t just save space, but also time.


A wall mounted sink doesn’t just save space, it looks amazing too! It also leaves an area underneath to store some things which would otherwise be taking up precious space. For maximum efficiency, the sink can be placed in the corner to drastically increase the clearance in the downstairs bathroom.


To take things to the next level, install a sink that also doubles as a towel rack. A sleek, modern, minimal piece such as this certainly makes a statement! 


The sink isn’t the only space saving option. Mounting cabinets to the wall can really help to keep a tidy and spacious atmosphere in the downstairs loo, without compromising on any of the practicality.

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Adding a recess to the wall of the downstairs bathroom can hugely increase the amount of space which can be played with. It can be used for storage, or simply as a space to place some decorative features. In conjunction with recessed lighting fixtures, this can really give a stunning and unique look to the loo!

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Keep the ambience of the bathroom nice and airy by choosing light coloured tiles. Combined with proper lighting you can ensure that no corner of the loo is lost to shadow. Add an appropriately placed mirror to give the illusion of even more space!


If a shower is desired in the downstairs bathroom, then several options are available. Walk-in showers and wet rooms have become increasingly popular in recent years. A walk-in shower sits independently from the rest of the bathroom. They can be very stylish, with the fixtures and the frame of the enclosure allowing for some customisation. The clear glass panes of the enclosure won’t interrupt your sight lines, so, visually, the bathroom retains all of its space.

When it comes to saving space, wet rooms are on another level. Completely removing the glass pane enclosure, wet rooms rely on a drain in your floor to remove the water. The shower will have to be carefully placed, but under the right conditions a wet room may be the perfect solution.


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