Top Tips to keep in mind when undergoing a Self Build Home Project.

Are you considering embarking on a self-build home project in Ireland? 

It’s essential to have a solid plan in place before you begin. There are many factors to consider to ensure your project runs smoothly. To help you along the way, the expert sales and design team at Versatile have compiled their top tips for self-build success.Planning document of a self build home project in ireland by versatile

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the first few tips, including the importance of interior design, the benefits of asking for expert advice, and the impact of lead times on your project.

Ita O’Brien is Versatile’s Specifications Development Manager (Sanitaryware), 

Ita’s Tips:

Ita O’ Brien

  1. Think about the interiors from the start: Before you start building your home, think about how you want the space to look and feel. Do you envision yourself relaxing in a freestanding bathtub, washing the stresses of the day away in a luxury shower, or simply having all sanitaryware wall-mounted? These are important considerations that the team of interior designers at Versatile can help you with at the early planning stage.
  2. Ask the experts: As a self-build client, it’s important to leverage the expertise of professionals when designing your bathroom spaces. Versatile offers a 4D design experience that lets you step into an immersive and interactive experience, allowing you to design and feel your bathroom in real-time. By thinking of each bathroom as a separate entity, you can eliminate doubt and avoid design pitfalls. Family bathrooms tend to require a bath and good storage, master ensuites focus on luxury showering, matching basins, and luxe tiling, while smaller wc’s/powder rooms present an opportunity to have fun. Pick novelty/decorative tiling, a feature tap, and funky accessories to create your dream space. See some of our products here.
  3. Lead-times: It’s important to be aware of lead times for certain products within the bathroom. Bespoke furniture, special finish countertops, some tiling, freestanding baths, and designer basins often have longer lead times. Deliveries can also delay things, depending on where in the country (or the world) the product is coming from. At Versatile, all our products are sourced/manufactured in Europe, giving you confidence in quality and ease of replacement of spare parts if needed. Fragile items such as tiles, glass cabinets, and shower screens could arrive damaged, so you may want to order these early in case they need to be replaced.


Mark English, Versatile’s Specifications Development Manager (Tiles). 

Mark’s Tips:

Mark English

  1. Design and planning: Good design and planning are key to a successful fitout. A thought-out design brief and overall time frame are imperative. It’s important to tease out the overall layout, space planning, and ergonomics to reduce the risk of costly amendments down the line. This will also allow you to plan for all the necessary services such as; electrical, mechanical, and accessibility. An accurate cost plan can then be drafted based on the design works.
  2. Specifications: Research and consideration in the selection of all materials will reap long-term benefits. Once the overall design aesthetic is confirmed, it’s advisable to put some time and energy into the product specification. All products and finishes must meet the design criteria and take into consideration quality, serviceability, maintenance, overall life cycle, and warranty. A specification that meets these criteria may be slightly above the perceived budget, but the cost-saving it will bring over the period of its life cycle & will normally outweigh this cost difference.
  3. Quality craftsmanship: With all the planning and procurement complete, it’s now down to the successful implementation of the design. You’ll be reliant on the quality of the craftsmen that are awarded the works. It’s advisable to get several

As you can see, embarking on a self-build home project doesn’t have to be daunting when you surround yourselves with the right partners.  Versatile’s expert team can provide invaluable assistance and advice to help make your dream home a reality. 

From the initial design phase of selecting quality materials and ensuring quality craftsmanship, we can guide you through each step of the process. Versatile’s focuses on beautiful designs that are functional and serviceable.

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