A Contemporary Masterpiece: The Yellow-Backed Ensuite

A Contemporary Masterpiece: The Yellow-Backed Ensuite

The Contemporary Ensuite with a Splash of Yellow

In a stylish Dublin apartment, the first of three bathroom transformations was undertaken by Versatile. This project was a collaboration between the client – a professional interior designer – and Anna, Versatile’s design manager, to create a unique, contemporary ensuite.

The client, relocating back to Ireland from the States, brought a clear, contemporary vision. She desired a space that was not just modern but had an industrial edge, highlighting her preference for raw materials and bold colors. Anna worked closely with the client, turning sketches and mood boards into a tangible design. The process involved several consultations, with the client visiting Versatile’s showroom for a detailed session to finalize choices.

The ensuite is a testament to Versatile’s expertise in creating spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional, reflecting the client’s unique style and Versatile’s commitment to quality and design.


The Challenge

The challenge was to create a modern, yet inviting atmosphere within the constraints of an existing space. The client’s preference for a bold, industrial look with a touch of vibrant color was central to the design.


The Solution

Versatile’s design manager, Anna, worked closely with the client to bring this vision to life. The ensuite features a bespoke vanity unit from the Versatile Timeless Collection, set against a striking yellow glass background. The incorporation of a full-size shower area, a clear glass screen with matt black profiles, and separate toilet area with frosted glass, added layers of functionality and style. Key brands like AXOR and Gessi were chosen for their sleek designs and high-quality finish.


The Ensuite’s Features:

  • Vanity Unit: A bespoke piece from Versatile’s Timeless Collection, set against a vibrant yellow glass background, creating a striking focal point.
  • Shower Area: A full-sized area with a clear glass screen and matt black profiles, offering a sleek and modern look.
  • Separate Toilet Area: Enhanced privacy with a frosted glass slider, blending functionality with design.
  • Brassware: Chosen from the AXOR range for the shower, and Gessi for the vanity unit, marrying quality with style.
  • Freestanding Bath: The ‘Cara’ model from Adamsez, adding a touch of elegance.
  • Flooring: Lava bricker, complementing the industrial theme.
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