Google Bolands Mills

Google Bolands Mills

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The primary focus was on achieving exceptional energy efficiency, particularly targeting the lowest specific fan power. Versatile’s role involved supplying fan coils and valve sets, with a keen emphasis on precision hydraulics control using Pressure Independent Control Valve (PICV) sets.

Another critical aspect was managing noise levels, demanding a reduction to below 35 dB, even without a suspended ceiling and with some fan coils fully exposed.

The Challenge

The challenges were twofold: achieving optimal energy efficiency and minimizing noise in a scenario without the typical sound-dampening elements like suspended ceilings. The stringent requirement of noise levels below 35 dB posed a significant challenge.

Additionally, the need to operate fan coils on lower flow temperatures for heating while ensuring high cooling temperatures for optimal performance of heat pumps and chillers added complexity.

The Solution

Working closely with the entire project team, we identified precise design conditions to meet airflow rate requirements. PICV valve sets were strategically employed to provide hydraulics control, optimizing the performance of fan coils.

To address the noise concern, a tailored NZeb Fan Coil was developed, allowing fan coils to operate efficiently below 35 DB. This innovation empowered the use of fan coils at lower speeds, significantly enhancing the Coefficient of Performance (COP) for both heating and cooling.

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