Steam Room Transformation – 1980 Bungalow

Steam Room Transformation – 1980 Bungalow

  • Client: Family Home in Greystones
  • Location: Greystones
  • Project Type: Bathroom Transformation

Small bathroom renovation in Greystones into a Touch & Steam Room.

The Challenge

This spectacular project in Greystones required to transform this small bathroom into a seamless luxury retreat. The client wanted to take out bath & replace it with a shower. They also wanted to incorporate a Steam & Hammam system in the shower to control the heat & temperature. The room was extremely small. We were looking for a system that would cater all the needs and help clients neck & back issues as well with the use of steam & hammam.

The Solution

The tightness of this steam room made it a challenge for our team to come up with a design that would be both functional and beautiful. We first generated 4D designs to make sure that the client was happy with the first canvas. To reduce the amount of grout lines, we used 1500×1500 Green Onyx large format tiles, achieving clean lines and a seamless look.

Our team developed an amazing touch & steam unit from Effe which can be incorporated within the steam zone. This unit had multiple benefits: it can produce steam, control temperature, emit visible light (i.e., chromotherapy), and play music.

This feature saved us time and money because it allowed us to install fewer pipes and less labor was required to lay them down—in fact, it reduced labor by 80%! We also used brass showers and towel rails to match against the Onyx Green tiles; they went together perfectly! Finally, to fit the toilet and the basin in the tight room we used a very slim basin with a titanium base from Alape & a washlet toilet was used which has cistern built inside the toilet pan itself, saving an extra of 200mm space.

Customer Prospective

When we decided to do a total energy upgrade of our home, one thing that we wanted to achieve was to refurb our bathroom and take out our old avocado bath and suite. Both of us are swimmers & when we both went to different spas around the world, we felt that we do want steam but we didnt knew that it was possible. When we arrived to Versatile, we met Dan. We exhausted Dan’s patience, but he listened & thankfully through the 4D technology, Dan was able to draw our bathroom & incorporate all elements that we wanted in this small space. When we arrived to meet Dan, he had everything ready & said to me “Step into your 4D bathroom”. I had a look at the full 4D design and I fell in love straight away. We are delighted with the results & I would use Steam 4 times a week & also my husband suffers from back issues so by using the neck massage & the back massage in the steam room, it gives him relief.

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